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Cultured Butter

Visiting Vermont?

Taste the butter at Dedalus!

Our butter is produced by Jersey cows and the Haigh family on our farm in Vermont. Although we work hard to milk the cows and churn the butter, its the cream these cows produce that makes this butter unique. 

Buying Our Butter

To buy butter by the pound, please place an order with:

Saxelby Cheese Mongers.

We do not ship direct from our farm

For any other inquiries, please email us. 

Farmstead Buttermilk

Once we have churned our cultured cream into butter, what's left is a slightly thickened, butterflecked buttermilk. We love just drinking it from a glass, but it is also excellent for baking, cooking and marinades. 

We bottle our buttermilk straight from the churn into quarts. Its sold throughout Vermont in co-ops, natural food stores and farm stands.

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