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Diane sold her dairy business in 2022 to us, Hilary and Ben Haigh of Shoreham, Vermont. We established our farm, Rolling Bale Farm, in 2014 where we have raised grassfed and pasture based meats. Prior to our purchase of the dairy we worked closely with Diane to learn her techniques for making butter and caring for her herd of beloved Jerseys. The cows continue to be rotationally grazed to insure that they produce that uniquely seasonal product. Bright yellow butter during the summer grazing season and a high butterfat content throughout the winter. 

Our butter is sold weekly to restaurants including Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurants, The French Laundry and Per Se as well as Chef Patrick O’Connell’s, The Inn at Little Washington and Chef Barbara Lynch's, Menton. Also, Aquerello in San Francisco and The Ocean House in Rhode Island.

Our butter can be purchased online through Saxelby Cheesemongers.  In Vermont it is available at Dedalus Wine shop, Market and Wine bar. Our buttermilk is distributed by Provisions International.

Animal Farm butter was established in 2000 by Diane St. Clair in Orwell, Vermont.


Diane’s commitment was, first and foremost, to cow comfort and well-being. From that foundation, she created delicious, high-quality dairy products using small-scale techniques. This allowed her to produce food that tastes as it was meant to be — butter that is rich in mouth-feel, fragrant on the nose, and changes with the seasons as well as buttermilk that is light and tangy with butter flecks that melt in your mouth. Her butter, with a butterfat content of 87%, was sold in some of the most renowned restaurants in the US, including The French Laundry, Per Se and The Inn at Little Washington.

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